Trophies for the CWA Annual Match and the CWA National are still in the planning stages, but will include a mixture of wonderful items.

Sponsoring a trophy is easy! Or you can donate to the general fund. Both are greatly appreciated.

The list of trophies to be offered, along with sponsors, appears below the instructions. To sponsor a trophy, check the list and decide what you want to do, then send an email to RacingForFun@shaw.ca to indicate what you want to pledge for, or that you want to make a donation to the general fund.

Then all you have to do is make the payment.

You can make a donation through PayPal (follow the instructions below), or by sending a check.


1. Log into PayPal and click on the Send Money tab.
2. Type RacingForFun@shaw.ca in the To: block, and the amount you want to send in the Amount: block.
3. Click Continue and follow the rest of the directions to send the payment.

If you want to make your donation by check, please contact Jennifer Szabo at RacingForFun@shaw.ca


Questions? Contact LMOWHIPPET@hotmail.com OR RacingForFun@shaw.ca


Award Amount Donor
High Combined $100 Georgia Rag Racing
Best in Meet $75 Diane Johnson and Nami
Reserve in Meet (2nd) $50 Sailaway Whippets
BOS in Meet $50 Bonnie Charron
Top 10-1ST $25 Country Tire
Top 10-2ND $25 Country Tire
Top 10-3RD $25 Country Tire
Top 10-4TH $25 Country Tire
Top 10-5TH $25 Country Tire
Top 10-6TH $25 Country Tire
Top 10-7TH $25 Country Tire
Top 10-8TH $25 Country Tire
Top 10-9TH $25 Country Tire
Top 10-10TH $25 Country Tire
Most Appreciated $30 McKaden Whippets in honor of Lucy
High Score Grade A $25 Peter & Nancy Szabo
2nd Grade A $20 Jean Balint
3rd Grade A $15 Rag City Racing
4th Grade A $10 Rag City Racing
High Score Grade B $25 Jill Rizk
2nd Grade B $20 Jill Rizk
3rd Grade B $15 Jill Rizk
4th Grade B $10 Jill Rizk
High Score Grade C $25 Don & Elise Cranshaw
2nd Grade C $20 Barb & Fran Hearley
3rd Grade C $15 Barb & Fran Hearley
4th Grade C $10 Jennifer Hughes
High Score Grade D $25 Jennifer Szabo
2nd Grade D $20 Jean Balint
3rd Grade D $15 Marrianne Lu & Robert Lattuga
4th Grade D $10 Jennifer Hughes
High Score FTE $25 Peter & Nancy Szabo
Reserve FTE $15 Jeanette Dorsey
High Score Veteran $25 Swiftsure Whippets
2nd Veteran  $15 Jennifer Szabo
3rd Veteran $15 Marrianne Lu & Robert Lattuga
4th Veteran $15 Jennifer Hughes
High Score Puppy $25 Rag City Racing
Reserve Puppy $15 Beth Orson
High Score Show Champion $25 Mary Downing, Whimsy Whippets
Reserve Show Champion $15 Jeanette Dorsey
High Score Field Champion $25 Connie Brunkow, in loving memory of MBIF Best in Regional FC Fallowfield Bird In Hand SC FCH VLCM2
Reserve Field Champion $15 Jennifer Hughes
Middle of the Board Dog $30 Elaine Nakatsu
Most Entertaining $25 Barb & Fran Hearley
Farthest Travelled $25 Monica Hryniw Belgardt
"Bridesmaid" to ARX points $25 Beth Levine, Serendipity Whippets, in honor of FC Serendipity On A Lark ARX DPCX FCH TRP PR4 OTR
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
Bottom 10 $15 Fireworks Whippets
1st Place Match  $50 Beth Levine, Serendipity Whippets, in honor of Serendipity Double O Seven PR
2nd Place Match $35 Gale Lyttle
3rd Place Match $25 Pretty Darn Quick Whippet Club
4th Place Match $25 Jeff Chopko
Best In Match
Sailaway Whippets
Best Adult
Mary Downing, Whimsy Whippets
Best Opposite Adult
Rag City Racing
Best Puppy
Beth Orson
Best Opposite Puppy
Rag City Racing
Best Veteran
Swiftsure Whippets
Best Opposite Veteran
Swiftsure Whippets
Puppy Classes
Under 6 Months Dog (placements 1-4)
Monica Hryniw Belgardt, in honor of Jordan, Fireworks Wild Berry Cooler
Under 6 months Bitch (placements 1-4)
Maureen Boyle Walters
6-9 Month Dog (placements 1-4)
Monica Hryniw Belgardt, in honor of Gryphen, Fireworks Smash'n Grab
6-9 Month Bitch (placements 1-4)
David Kay
9-12 Month Dog (placements 1-4)
Maria Abu-Ata
9-12 Month Bitch (placements 1-4)
Sheri Bakes
Adult Classes
12-18 Month Dog (placements 1-4)
12-18 Month Bitch (placements 1-4)
Bred By Exhibitor Dogs (placements 1-4)
Beth Levine, Serendipity Whippets, in loving memory of Serendipity Nighthawk FCH ARX DPCX TRPX PR6 SRM OTRM2 CGC
Bred By Exhibitor Bitches (placements 1-4)
Darien Adley - Hilerica Whippets
Open Dogs (placements 1-4)
Noralor Whippets
Open Bitches (placements 1-4)
Noralor Whippets
Bench CH Dogs (placements 1-4)
Ellen Kerfers
Bench CH Bitches (placements 1-4)
Jean Balint
Race CH Dogs (placements 1-4)
Jennifer Szabo
Race CH Bitches (placements 1-4)
Mary C. Huff
Altered Dogs (placements 1-4)
Jennifer Szabo
Altered Bitches (placements 1-4)
Elaine Nakatsu
Veteran Classes
Veteran Dogs, 7-10yr (placements 1-4)
Monica Hryniw Belgardt
Veteran Dogs, 10+ (placements 1-4)
Marrianne Lu & Robert Lattuga
Veteran Bitches, 7-10yr (placements 1-4)
Randy, Karen & Jessica Greenwood
Veteran Bitches, 10+ (placements 1-4)
In honor of CanCH Surrey Hill's Crystal Wave ARX DPCX
Best Non-Whippet Pet (placements 1-4)
Linda Johnston
Anonymous Adele Lafleur
Kellee G. Livingston C-U Racing
Violet Molnar BC Whippet Racing
Blair Shinski  
Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association  
LARK (Lorain Area Racing Klub)  





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