Trophies for the CWA Annual Match and the CWA National are still in the planning stages, but will include stained glass and glass items, crate pads, leashes, and wall hangings.


Photo of trophies

Sponsoring a trophy is easy! Or you can donate to the general fund. Both are greatly appreciated.

The list of trophies to be offered, along with sponsors, appears below the instructions. To sponsor a trophy, check the list and decide what you want to do, then send an email to bhearley@yahoo.com to indicate what you want to pledge for, or that you want to make a donation to the general fund.

Then all you have to do is make the payment.

You can make a donation through PayPal (follow the instructions below), or by sending a check.


1. Log into PayPal and click on the Send Money tab.
2. Type NoStarRacing@yahoo.com in the To: block, and the amount you want to send in the Amount: block.
3. Click Continue and follow the rest of the directions to send the payment.

If you want to make your donation by check, please contact Barb Hearley at bhearley@yahoo.com


Questions? Contact LMOWHIPPET@hotmail.com OR bhearley@yahoo.com


Award Amount Donor
High Combined $100 Lisa Costello
Best in Meet $75 Kim Otero, Wheatland Whippets
BOS in Meet $50 Mary Magee, Saesi Whippets
Top 10 (2nd) $40 The Szabo family, in loving memory of Austin, Cleo, and Gibson
Top 10 (3rd) $40  
Top 10 (4th) $40 Lisa Saunders, Stardust Whippets
Top 10 (5th) $40  
Top 10 (6th) $40  
Top 10 (7th) $40  
Top 10 (8th) $40  
Top 10 (9th) $40  
Top 10 (10th) $40  
Top 20 (11th) $35  
Top 20 (12th) $35  
Top 20 (13th) $35  
Top 20 (14th) $35 Lisa Saunders, Stardust Whippets
Top 20 (15th) $35 Nonstopp Whippets, in honor of FC Wildabout Widow Jane PR SC DS
Top 20 (16th) $35  
Top 20 (17th) $35  
Top 20 (18th) $35  
Top 20 (19th) $35  
Top 20 (20th) $35  
Bottom 10 (10th from bottom) $15  
Bottom 10 (9th from bottom) $15  
Bottom 10 (8th from bottom) $15  
Bottom 10 (7th from bottom) $15  
Bottom 10 (6th from bottom) $15  
Bottom 10 (5th from bottom) $15  
Bottom 10 (4th from bottom) $15  
Bottom 10 (3rd from bottom) $15  
Valiant Effort/Turtle Award $40 Clarence Gelwicks, Clarwick Whippets
Reserve Valiant Effort/Turtle $35  
High Score Veteran $40

Connie Brunkow, Fallowfield Whippets - in honor of Chloe, Domino FF White Queen's Cloche ARX PR3 TRP FCH

Reserve Veteran  $35  
High Score Puppy $40  
Reserve Puppy $35  
Out of the Top 10:    
High Score Grade A $25 Kristy Thomas
Reserve Grade A $20  
High Score Grade B $25 Kristy Thomas
Reserve Grade B $20  
High Score Grade C $25 Kristy Thomas
Reserve Grade C $20  
High Score Grade D $25 Kristy Thomas
Reserve Grade D $20  
High Score FTE $25  
Reserve FTE $20  
Out of the Top 20:    
High Score AKC/CKC Show Champion $30 Robin LaFortune, In Vogue Whippets
High Score AKC Field Champion $30  
High Score ASFA Field Champion $30  
High Score LCM/LCX/FCHX $30 Candace Huzel
High Score AKC Dual Champion $30  
High Score Obedience $30  
High Score Rally $30  
High Score Agility $30 Nonstopp Whippets, in loving memory of Ripley Ochoa CDX AX OAP AXJ AJP FM CGC
High Score Flyball $30  
High Score Dock Diving $30  
High Score Barn Hunt $30  
High Score Tracking $30  
Middle of the Board Dog $30  
High Score Dog With No Titles Yet $25 Phoebe Booth, Shamasan Whippets
"Bridesmaid" to ARX points $35  
Box Monster Award $25 Candace Huzel
Box Angel Award $25 Nonstopp Whippets, in honor of Rafa and Lizzie, and also Story Brunkow
Legends Run $25 Phoebe Booth, Shamasan Whippets
1st Place Match  $60  
2nd Place Match $30  
3rd Place Match $30  
4th Place Match $30  
Award of Merit 1
Award of Merit 2
Award of Merit 3
Best In Match
Robin LaFortune, In Vogue Whippets
Best Adult
Jan Wahl, Uptown Whippets
Best Opposite Adult
Best Puppy
Best Opposite Puppy
Best Veteran
Best Opposite Veteran
Puppy Classes
Under 6 Months Dog (placements 1-4)
Under 6 months Bitch (placements 1-4)
6-9 Month Dog (placements 1-4)
6-9 Month Bitch (placements 1-4)
9-12 Month Dog (placements 1-4)
9-12 Month Bitch (placements 1-4)
Puppy Dog Bred By Exhibitor (placements 1-4)
Puppy Bitch Bred By Exhibitor (placements 1-4)
Adult Classes
NOTE the new class addition for this year.
Because spayed and neutered Whippets are eligible for all classes, the Altered class has been replaced with a Minor Race Titled/Coursing Titled class. This class is open to any dog with either a non-champion racing title or a coursing title. Coursing champions are eligible for this class, but racing champions are not because there is a already a class designated for them.
12-18 Month Dog (placements 1-4)
12-18 Month Bitch (placements 1-4)
Bred By Exhibitor Dogs (placements 1-4)
Bred By Exhibitor Bitches (placements 1-4)
Mary Magee, Saesi Whippets
Open Dogs (placements 1-4)
Open Bitches (placements 1-4)
Minor Titled/Coursing Titled Dogs (placements 1-4)
Mary Magee, Saesi Whippets
Minor Titled/Coursing Titled Bitches (placements 1-4)
Connie Brunkow, Fallowfield Whippets - in honor of Ginny, MBIF BIE FC Fallowfield Dreamin' Out Loud LCM SC PR TRP VFCH
Bench CH Dogs (placements 1-4)
Mary Pick, in honor of Pickwhippets' GCH Cali's Ronan the Red of Saturn ARX DPCX FCH MC RN TRP PR4 ACT1 CHC TKN 
Bench CH Bitches (placements 1-4)
Race CH Dogs (placements 1-4)
Kim Otero, Wheatland Whippets
Race CH Bitches (placements 1-4)
Kim Otero, Wheatland Whippets
Veteran Classes
Veteran Dogs, 7-10yr (placements 1-4)
Veteran Dog 10-12 (placements 1-4)
Veteran Dogs, 12+ (placements 1-4)
Veteran Bitches, 7-10yr (placements 1-4)
Veteran Bitch 10-12 (placements 1-4)
Veteran Bitches, 12+ (placements 1-4)
Exhibition Whippets $25  
Best Non-Whippet Pet (placements 1-4)
Carmen & Dave Brush  
Kim Weigel  
Henny Klassenvanoorschot  





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