Dual Purpose Champion Excellent

This award is designed to recognize those unique Whippets who have achieved a high level of performance and speed plus received recognition in conformation competition. This is the highest level of CWA award and represents the goal of the CWA Program. Whippets earning the Award of Racing Excellence (ARX) are eligible to earn the CWA Dual Purpose Championship Excellent (DPCX) by the same qualifications as the Dual Purpose Champion (DPC) with the exception that they must earn the title of Award of Racing Excellence (ARX) plus the qualifying conditions of the conformation requirements as stated on the DPC page.

CH Blaze-n Karefree Kender
Marial's Palmeridge Pepperdine
CH Marial's Hotwater of Wyndsor
CH Slade's Bugle Boy Blu
CH Marial Palmeridge Stanford
CH Queenie's Hearts A Fire
CH Halmarque Up & At 'Em
CH Chelsea Selena
CH Surrey Hill Darker Than Amber
CH Windsheen Dashing Dare to Beee
Wegner's Streak O Lightnin
CanCH Surrey Hill's Smithereens
Windsheen Day Dream Beeeliever
CanCH Loughren Fraserheights
SBIS CH Shamasan Flame 'N Queen
CH In Vogue Rush To Judgement
20.Hound Hill Come Hither8/16/03
21.SBIS CH Windsheen Dashing Shelbeee8/31/03
22. CanCH Ragtime High Plains Drifter5/9/04
23.CH Plumcreek Hollowell Walk In Time5/16/04
24.CH Dashing Dare to Bette The Bank10/17/04
25.CH Hound Hill Catch A Thief10/23/04
26. CH Marial's Wistwind Cinderfela SRA NAJ 11/6/04
27. CanCH Swiftsure Surrey Hills Lunacy11/7/04
28. Coalby of Wyndsor ARX SRA 3/20/05
29. MACH2 CH Marial's Pepper Jack of Wegner ARX 7/3/05
30. CH Fanfare Rusalka Road Master 10/22/05
31. CanCH Surrey Hill's Crystal Wave 6/3/06
32. NatSel CH Finghin's Timeless Cogshall 9/30/06
33. CH Chrisfield Affinity Dream On ARX 9/30/06
34. CH Marial's Shamasan Taboo ARX 6/30/07
35. CH Surrey Hill Galafrey FCH OTR ARX 9/1/07
36. CH Hound Hill Cherokee ARX 2/17/08
37. CH Marial Wistwind's Color Me Quick ARX NARX FCH 6/6/08
38. CanCH Fireworks Dancing With Mr. D ARX 8/9/08
39. CanCH Swiftsure Senegal ARX 4/25/09
40. Marial's Mosinee of Cogshall ARX 5/23/09
41. CH Wegner's Fly Me To The Moon ARX 5/24/09
42. CH Shamasan A Kind of Magic TRP ARX SC 7/4/09
43. Cogshall's Spider Lily of Coswin ARX SRA2 CRX 7/5/09
44. Serendipity Nighthawk ARX FCH SR OTR TRPX CGC 8/23/09
45. CH Windsheen Dashing El Divino CRX ARX 8/30/09
46. CH Wegner's On The Sly CD TDX ARX 9/27/09
47. Cogshall's Painted Daisy ARX SRA CGC TDI 10/10/10
48. CH Mariner Diablesse I Can't Believe It's Not Butters ARX DPCX 12/11/10
49. CanCH Fireworks Eminence Front ARX NARX DPCX SGDC 3/25/11
50. CH Windflight I Wanna Be Your Man ARX TRP DPCX 7/3/11
51. Mariner's Chubby Hubby ARX TRP DPCX 7/17/11
52. CanCH Fireworks Raspberry Ripple ARX DPCX 10/2/11
53. CH Surrey Hill U Sunk My Battleship! ARX NARX TRP PR4 DPCX 1/21/12
54. Serendipity Hark The Lark ARX DPCX 4/8/12
55. CanCH Fireworks Pinball Wizard ARX DPCX TRP PR3 5/6/12
56. FC Licketysplit Catch a Tail Wind SC ARX DPCX PR3 6/2/12
57. CH Shamasan Here Be Dragons ARX DPCX 7/15/12
58. Marial's Mequon ARX TRP PR6 DPCX 8/11/12
59. Tru-Luv's Enjoy The Moment ARX DPCX PR2 TRP 10/27/12
60. CH Divana's Heir of Illusion at Cherche ARX TRP PR 2/2/13
61. FC Tru-Luv's Serena Wilyawin ARX DPCX SC LCM PR 4/20/13
62. CanCH Alluring Flight of the Phoenix ARX TRP DPCX PR2 5/12/13
63. CanCH Sailaway Time Traveller ARX DPCX 5/12/13
64. DC Oh So Devereux SC ARX DPCX TRP 6/1/13
65. Serendipity Malarkey at Whimsy ARX DPCX TRP PR 6/1/13
66. CanCH Fireworks Heart and Soul ARX DPCX PR TRP 8/18/13
67. CH Comet's Rocky Mountain News CR ARX DPCX TRP PR2 9/28/13
68. CanCH Sailaway Pagani Zonda ARX DPCX 10/19/13
69. DC Deerpath Mystic Moonstone ARX DPCX CD SC CGC 12/7/13
70. CH Lanruvi Fly First Class at Shamasan ARX DPCX TRP PR2 2/15/14
71. FC Licketysplit Catch Your Eye ARX SRA DPCX TRP PR12 FCH SC 4/5/14
72. Cogshall Bears Repeating ARX PR2 TRP DPCX 4/5/14
73. FC Serendipity On A Lark ARX DPCX PR3 TRP FCH 10/19/14
74. GCH DC Surrey Hill Silkrock Teenage Crime Spree at Mariner ARX DPCX TRP PR3 12/7/14
75. CH Finghin Arborlea On The Run ARX DPCX TRP PR3 1/11/15
76. FC Debmar Black Pearl ARX DPCX TRP PR4 3/29/15
77. Nouveau’s Le Chat Noir ARX DPCX TRP PR2 4/4/15
78. CH Liberty’s Look At That ARX DPCX TRP FCH JC PR4 7/18/15
79. DC Domino Blue Moon ARX NARX3 TRP PR4 SC RATI 7/25/15
80. FC Velocity TNT Hot Legs @ LaQuest ARX SRA DPCX TRP PR5 FCH 12/5/15
81. CH Oxford's Revelstoke at Steamboat Rock ARX DPCX 12/6/15
82. Fairchase Debmar Midnight Mayhem ARX DPCX TRP PR2 12/4/16
83. CH Debmar Red River Runs ARX PR DPCX TRP 2/12/17
84. CanCH Hilerica Tigh Na Mara ARX DPCX PR 4/8/17
85. FC Krisdan’s Sports Machine O’ TNT ARX DPCX TRP PR2 FCH SC 5/7/17
86. Debmar Fairchase Take Me to the River Bank ARX DPCX PR TRP 5/20/17
87. CH Terrena’s And The Crowd Goes Wild ARX PR 7/17/17
88. FC Shamasan I Carry Your Heart ARX DPCX TRP PR2 FCH SC 9/16/17
89. CH Mariner's Sock Monkey of Terrena ARX DPCX PR2 10/13/17
90. CanCH Sailaway Winter Classic 10/22/17
91. GCH Deerpath Signature Cartier ARX DPCX 11/4/17
92. Terrena's Good Vibrations At Noralor ARX DPCX TRP PR3 11/5/17
93. CH Cali's Ronan The Red Of Saturn ARX DPCX TRP PR2 SC CGC 2/18/18
94. Shamasan Thunder Bolt ARX DPCX TRP PR CGC 3/17/18
95. Nonstopp Frehley's Comet ARX SRA DPCX LCM PR13 TKN 6/2/18
96. CanCH Sailaway FastForward of Course ARX DPCX PR 10/20/18
97. CanCH Sailaway Storm Trooper ARX DPCX PR 10/20/18
98. CanCH Sailaway Pagani Huayra ARX DPCX TRP PR2 6/23/19
99. R&B's Jasmine Sullivan ARX DPCX TRP PR2 9/22/19
100. Debmar Gangland Boss ARX NARX2 TRP PR6 3/14/20




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