A. Muzzles. Race muzzles come in a variety of types and sizes. "Trial and Error" will sometimes determine which works best for your dog. The four most frequently used are shown in the photo below:

From left to right: English Plastic Muzzle, Colorado Greyhound
Muzzle, Custom Made Leather Muzzle and Halemar Whippet

The custom made leather muzzles are made on a special order basis by a talented few.
The other three muzzles may be obtained from the following addresses:

Type Address Available
Halemar Muzzle Sizes 13 (smaller) & 15 (larger)
$18.00 plus shipping
Halemar Specialties
P.O. Box 3132
Peabody, Massacusetts 01961-3132
phone: 508-531-6504
Colorado Muzzle Size 3 (fits larger Whippet heads)
$11.00 each (plus $4 shipping)
National Greyhound Association
P.O. Box 543
Abilene, Kansas 67410
phone : 913-263-4660
English Plastic Muzzle Roundabout Whippet Supplies
(fits most Whippet heads) c/o Janet Stigum Trowbridge
18105 N.W. 11th Avenue
Ridgefield, Washington 98642
phone: 360-887-4912; e-mail: whippet

B. Race Blankets. Race blankets are made by the following people:

Price on request
Nancy Booth
695 Dayton Avenue
St Paul, MN 55104
phone: 612-227-7753

C. Lure Machines. Lure machines are used in both schooling (practice) sessions as well as official CWA Race Meets and may be ordered from the following:

National Greyhound Association Jack-A-Lure
P.O. Box 543 $300 (plus $10 shipping)
Abiline, Kansas 67410
phone 913-263-4660

Injoy Lure Coursing Equipment (Pictured) Standard
P.O. Box 21 LureMachine
Charlotte, Vermont 05445-0021 $240
phone 802-425-3691

D. Pulleys. Injoy makes various types of pulleys and can be ordered

Injoy Lure Coursing Equipment Box Pulley
P.O. Box 21 $30 (plus $5 shipping)
Charlotte, Vermont 05445-0021
phone 802-425-3691

E. Squawkers. Squawkers (Scotch Predator Calls) are used in both schooling (practice) sessions and official CWA Race Meets and creates the "noise" inside the furry lure that the dogs chase. They can be purchased at sporting goods stores, gun shops or by writing:

National Greyhound Association Standard Squawker
P.O. Box 543 $12.25 (plus $4 shipping)
Abilene, Kansas 67410
phone 913-263-4660

F. Lures. Hides or furs are used with the squawker for both training and actual race events. Lures may be purchased from:

Ule James (Plans & Drawings Available)
4517 Sage Road
Rochester, Illinois 62563
phone 217-498-8661

or, from the National Greyhound Association (address above):

Lure Only - artificial coonskin cap $20.00 (plus $4 shipping)
complete with tail and squawker
inside (Fabric is closed with staples
that should be removed before using)

G. Starting Boxes. Plans for construction of starting boxes are available from the CWA.

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