CWA Registration Form

As of June 2023, the old PDF registration forms have been replaced by an online form that will simplify registration submission, payment, and processing.

All of the discounted DNA kits have been sold, and because of AKC's price increase on bulk orders, it is not cost effective to order more. DNA kits should now be ordered directly from the AKC Store.

Meet Forms

Before The Meet:

  • Meet Scheduling Request Form

  • Conformation Ribbon Request Form

  • CWA Grading Guides

  • Generic Entry Forms:

    - MS Word
    - Adobe PDF


  • During the Meet:

  • Quick Race Set-up

  • Results Sheet-Summary

  • Results Sheet-Race By Race (new version with column labels)

  • Results Sheet-Race By Race (old version without column labels)

  • Foul Judge Sheet

  • Grade Recalc Template

  • After The Meet:

    Race results should be submitted to the Statistician. Race secretaries, please use the updated results templates below when you submit your results. This will allow for consistent formatting of results on the website and in Line and Lure.

  • Generic Results Templates (updated 2/26/2023):

    - Google Sheets

    - MS Excel

    - Google Sheets (for 3-Program Meets)

    - MS Excel (for 3-Program Meets)

  • Sample Racing Results

  • Per Capita

    Per capita fees of $1/dog (including puppies) for each day must be paid within 14 days.

    Please calculate and submit your per capita payment using the CWA Meet Per Capita form.


    Rule Change Proposals

  • Proposed Revision to Constitution & By-Laws

  • Proposed Revision to CWA Rules for Events



  • Memo to Prospective CWA Clubs

  • Application for Membership


    Just For Fun

  • Speed Conversion Chart

  • .


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