In addition to the ARX title, dogs will be recognized for accumulation of National points. After the dog achieves its ARX title and accumulates 15 NARX points it will receive a NARX title. The dog will achieve a new level with additional 15 NARX point increment, until the Superior Racing Award (75 NARX points) has been completed.

Titles will be earned as follows:

ARX (see ARX page)
NARX 15-29 NARX points
NARX 2 30-44 NARX points
NARX 3 45-59 NARX points
NARX 4 60-74 NARX points

Once the SRA has been achieved, the dog will advance to a new SRA level with each additional 75 points earned.

SRA (see SRA page) 75-149 NARX points
SRA 2 150-224 NARX points
SRA 3 225-299 NARX points
SRA 4 300+ NARX points

NARX titles are retroactive. Owners who wish to request NARX titles and certificates for inactive or deceased dogs should prepare a list of meets run and send it to the CWA Statistician. The title shall be issued upon verification of results.


2010 Cogshall's Noble Mandrake ARX NARX4 WRCH Huff
2010 Cogshall's Sweet Everlasting Loughren Clarke
2011 Fireworks Who Are You ARX NARX TRP Wirsch/Barclay
2012 The Mighty Bolt of Wyndsor ARX NARX2 PR2 ORC Kusha/Balint
2012 Ziggy Stardust of Wyndsor ARX NARX3 TRP PR7 TDX RN FCH Austin/James
2013 Tru-Luv's Enjoy The Moment ARX DPCX PR2 TRP Liscombe/Rice
2014 FC Velocity TNT Hot Legs @ LaQuest ARX NARX3 TRP PR3 FCH Stebritz/Bush
2015 DC Domino Blue Moon ARX NARX3 TRP PR6 SC RATI Miner
2010 Marials Blue Stilton of Wegner ARX NARX3 Luehrs
2010 Rarely Herd Of Wyndsor  CD RN ARX NARX3 CRXII TRP CGC Ochoa
2010 Sinbad the Sailor of Wyndsor CDX ARX TRP TD FGDCH40K Austin/James
2010 Wildheart's Dealer's Choice CR ARX TRP NARX3 Kunze/Cashin
2010 Miss Darcy of Wyndsor ARX NARX3 Balint
2011 Ziggy Stardust of Wyndsor  ARX NARX TDX RN FCH Austin/James
2012 Tru-Luv's Enjoy The Moment ARX DPCX PR2 TRP Liscombe/Rice
2013 CanCH Sailaway Time Traveller ARX DPCX Leinbach
2013 Velocity TNT Hot Legs @ LaQuest ARX NARX2 TRP PR2 FCH Stebritz/Bush
2013 Debmar Cane River ARX NARX2 TRP PR3 Bahm
2014 FC Domino Blue Moon ARX TRP PR2 SC RATI Miner
2015 Nonstopp Frehley's Comet ARX NARX FCH PR5 Hearley
2015 Lookout Nonstopp Leapin Lizard ARX NARX2 CRX OTR PR6 TRP CGC Ochoa/Reynolds
2015 Bonpai's Roller Girl Rules Charm City ARX NARX2 PR7 TRP McHugh
2015 Debmar In The Fast Lane ARX PR5 Bahm
2016 Nouveau’s Black Pearl ARX NARX2 PR5 TRP Swepston
2010 Blink N. I. Of Wyndsor  ARX NARX2 TRP TD FCH Austin/James
2010 CanCH Loughren's Fraser Heights FCHX ARX NARX2 TRP DPCX Eastman
2010 Fallowfield Twist of Fate  ARX TRP NARX2 Cashin
2010 Fireworks Eminence Front ARX NARX2 Szabo
2010 Marial's Swift Current ARX NARX2 NAJ Arthur
2010 MACH CH Marial's Pepper Jack of Wegner ARX NARX2 TRP DPCX MX MXJ Smith/Wegner
2011 The Mighty Bolt of Wyndsor ARX NARX ORC Kusha/Balint
2012 Velocity TNT Hot Legs @ LaQuest ARX Stebritz/Bush
2012 Nonstopp Nadal of Wyndsor CD RN ARX NARX TRP PR3 CRX OTR FCH CGC Ochoa/Reynolds
2012 Debmar Cane River ARX Bahm
2013 Bonpai's Roller Girl Rules Charm City ARX PR TRP McHugh
2014 Lookout Nonstopp Leapin Lizard ARX NARX CR OTR PR3 TRP CGC Ochoa/Reynolds
2014 FC Debmar After Midnight At Fairchase ARX SC NARX PR2 TRP Williams
2015 Nouveau’s Black Pearl ARX PR4 TRP Swepston
2016 Wildabout Kentucky Punch ARX NARX PR2 Chopko
2010 CanCH Ragtime High Plains Drifter Can FCH ARX NARX DPCX Gaull
2010 CH Marial Wistwind's Color Me Quick TRP ARX NARX FCH DPCX Mountan
2010 CH Windsheen Dashing Dare To Beee  ARX TRP DPCX Krug/Samuelson
2010 FC Tyra of Wyndsor ARX NARX FCH TRP McManus
2010 Fireworks Who Are You ARX NARX TRP Wirsch/Barclay
2010 Iron Man Of Wyndsor  ARX Wilson
2010 Licketysplit Fate to the Wind TRP ARX Damron/Shegogue
2010 Loughren Sand Trax of June ARX Clarke
2010 Maybach Exelero Pharoa ARX NARX John
2010 Mr. Darcy of Wyndsor ARX NARX Balint/Herald
2010 Nonstopp Nadal of Wyndsor ARX CRX CGC Ochoa/Reynolds
2010 The Mighty Bolt of Wyndsor ARX NARX Kusha/Balint
2010 Topaz At The Gamble ARX NARX Elliott
2010 Windyglens Blk To The Future   ARX NARX CR TRP Johnson
2011 Lookout Nonstopp Kamikaze Hearley
2011 Surrey Hill U Sunk My Battleship! ARX Lee/Bowers/Anichini
2012 Fireworks Spellbound ARX TRP PR2 Lee/Ostafichuk
2012 Lookout Nonstopp Leapin Lizard ARX CR PR Ochoa/Reynolds
2013 FC Debmar After Midnight At Fairchase ARX SC Williams
2014 Azzuri of Wyndsor ARX PR5 FCH TRP Clarke
2014 Cogshall Bears Repeating ARX PR2 TRP DPCX Huff
2014 Debmar Dark and Dangerous ARX NARX TRP Bahm
2014 Domino Frabjous Fascinator ARX TRP Miner
2014 Domino Spare Heir ARX TRP Miner/Gleckel
2014 Liberty’s Look At That ARX TRP FCH JC Bennett
2014 Nonstopp Frehley's Comet ARX Hearley
2014 Resilience High Expectations ARX PR2 Feldheim
2015 Sailaway London Calling ARX PR4 TRP Andrusiak
2015 Rosmor Fortunatus Et Illes ARX PR2 Rosko
2015 Wildabout Kentucky Punch ARX PR Chopko
2015 Rosmor’s Strega De Ventus ARX PR2 Pulley
2015 Domino Frabjous Fascinator ARX TRP PR3 Miner
2015 Momentum’s Reckless Heart ARX TRP TD PR3 Austin/James
2015 Azzuri of Wyndsor ARX NARX PR6 FCH TRP Clarke
2016 Windflight Darby O’Gill ARX NARX TRP PR5 Strack
2016 Cogshall’s Yipee Pie Yi Yay Wylie ARX PR2 Huff
2016 Fairchase Debmar Dark Force Rising ARX PR4 TRP Williams
2016 Wildabout Woodford ARX PR Miner
2016 Gibson Flying V of Wyndsor ARX PR2 Szabo
2016 Wylie's Rendezvous With Zen ARX PR3 RA CGC RATO Thomas/Mymudes


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