This award was introduced in 2010, and is intended to identify and rank the overall career of the racing Whippet. This title is based on the number of accumulated race points a Whippet earns throughout his racing career.

To achieve the PR, a whippet must earn fifty (50) race points. Any holder of the PR title who accumulates an additional one hundred (100) race points will earn another title and be known as a PR2. Further PR titles will be awarded after each additional one hundred (100) race points earned with the numeral being increased to reflect the number of titles earned. A whippet must complete the meet to qualify the points towards this title. This title is continued during and after other titles are accumulated, as the purpose of this title is to reflect on the merit of the racing Whippet's entire career. Total race points are recorded on the CWA website grading guide, and are updated at the end of each racing year.

Certificates are automatically provided for the first PR each whippet earns. Subsequent certificates must be requested by the owners.

The 2010 Performance Racer titles awarded were earned at race meets dating from April 2003 - December 2010.Thereafter, titles are recorded at the end of each calendar year, and will include only those titles earned during the year.


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