Registration Form - fillable PDF (Revised 06/2022)

Registration Form - non-fillable PDF (Revised 06/2022)

All of the discounted DNA kits have been sold, and because of AKC's price increase on bulk orders, it is not cost effective to order more. DNA kits should now be ordered directly from the AKC Store.

Completed Registration applications may be submitted via US mail with a check for payment, or submitted electronically and paid via Paypal.

Incomplete registration applications will not be processed. To avoid delays, please use the checklist to ensure that you have included all requisite portions of the application.

Payment may be made via US mail or electronically, via PayPal. (There is a convenience fee for PayPal use.)

Registration fees:

  • Via US Mail: $3 per dog
  • Via PayPal: $4 per dog

    To use the PayPal option, please click the button below.

    NOTE that if you have more than five applications to process you will need to make multiple PayPal payments (so, for example, if you have seven dogs you want to register, you could do one payment for five dogs and a second payment for two dogs to total seven dogs).

    How many applications do you have?

    If you are processing online applications, they should be sent via email to Registrar Mary Beth Arthur at


  • Meet Forms:

    Before The Meet:

  • Meet Scheduling Request Form

  • CWA Grading Guides

  • Generic Entry Forms:

    - MS Word
    - Adobe PDF


  • During the Meet:

  • Quick Race Set-up

  • Results Sheet-Summary

  • Results Sheet-Race By Race

  • After The Meet:

    Race results should be submitted to the Interim Statistician. Race secretaries, please use the updated results templates below when you submit your results. This will allow for consistent formatting of results on the website and in Line and Lure.

  • Generic Results Templates (updated 5/15/2022):

    - MS Excel

    - MS Excel (for 3-Program Meets)

  • Sample Racing Results

  • Per Capita

    Per capita fees of $1/dog (including puppies) for each day must be paid within 14 days.

    If paying via PayPal, please calculate your total fee ($1/dog per day + $3 convenience fee), and use the "Pay Now" button below.

    Club, Dates
    Total # dogs (both days)

    If paying by check, make checks payable to CWA and mail to Barb Hearley, 8145 W Broadway Ave, Columbus, MN 55025.


    Rule Change Proposals

  • Proposed Revision to Constitution & By-Laws

  • Proposed Revision to CWA Rules for Events



  • Memo to Prospective CWA Clubs

  • Application for Membership

  • .


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