Please email cwawhippetracing@gmail.com if you have any questions about or corrections to titles.

Whippets must complete all the programs of the race meet to earn legs or points toward titles. Those that Do Not Finish, Disqualify, or are Scratched shall not be given credit towards any titles at that event.

Certificates are issued as they are verified by the Statistician, with the exception of PR and NARX titles, which are tabulated at the end of each calendar year and are issued shortly thereafter.

Certificates will be issued electronically (via email with a PDF attachment).

All titles are retroactive. Owners of retired or deceased racers that have earned these titles should contact the Statistician with documentation. Once the title has been verified by the Statistician, a certificate will be issued.

The Continental Whippet Alliance awards the following titles:

  • Award of Racing Excellence (ARX)

  • National Award of Racing Excellence (NARX)

  • Superior Racing Award (SRA)

  • Dual Purpose Champion (DPC)

  • Dual Purpose Champion Excellent (DPCX)

  • High Combined (HC)

  • High Combined Excellent (HCX)

  • Title of Racing Proficiency (TRP)

  • Title of Racing Proficiency Excellent (TRPX)

  • Performance Racer (PR)


    CWA also awards a number of perpetual trophies at each year's national.

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